4 Rules of Corporate Video Production (2023)

by Igor

4 Rules of Corporate Video Production (2023)

Published on November 18, 2022

Regardless of the industry and size, companies saw the benefits and the necessity for building a solid online presence, embracing new technologies and digital formats, including written, audio and video, in the past two and a half years.

Although things are going back to normal, it’s clear that the digital space will remain an important market. As a result, companies must stay atop marketing trends and invest in various content, including corporate video production, to stand out. 

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Moreover, the recent events caused by Instagram’s update prove that video is becoming dominant. As the Instagram executive stated, the platform will become more video-focused, as that’s what people like to consume — in 2020, 27.2% of online viewers watched over 10 hours of online video weekly (Statista). 

However, video is not only a source of entertainment. On the contrary, it has proven to be an effective tool in the corporate world. For example, B2B and B2C marketers see the benefits of creating and distributing corporate videos.

As Google Research — conducted with around 24,000 people in 10 countries — found, approximately 50% of surveyed said online video helped them decide which brand or product to buy.

Below, we discuss the corporate video and what it should include and share the four rules for creating unique corporate video content.

What Is A Corporate Video?

A corporate video is an aggregate of a company’s corporate video content used for internal and external communication. It’s a critical element of every content marketing strategy, enabling a business to create and deliver messages to a target audience.

Although it looks like a traditional advertising video, companies use corporate video not only to promote new products or services. They also use it for:

  • employee training
  • employer branding
  • client testimonials
  • stakeholder presentations
  • corporate webinars
  • business and event summaries

Depending on the purpose it’s supposed to serve, a corporate video can be informative, educational and/or entertaining. It also comes in different formats. For instance, many companies opt for an animated corporate video.

As technology strengthens and becomes cheaper, corporate video production becomes affordable to businesses of all sizes. In addition, the increased internet use enables companies to spread their messaging faster and to a broader audience in less time.

Many studies showed that when creating a content strategy — video is the way to go. It could increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, customer engagement and drive conversions.

According to a HubSpot Survey that included 550 marketers, over 35% of respondents claimed the most significant benefit of creating video content is that it gets more engagement than other types of marketing.

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What Should Be Included In A Corporate Video in 2023?

Video production may seem complex and time-consuming. However, it doesn’t have to be. Most, if not all, marketers are not video experts, so hiring a video production company can save you a lot of time and nerves, resulting in high-quality content that meets your aims.

Even when you partner with professionals, it’s good to know what an eye-catching yet effective corporate video is made of:

Simple message

If you want to attract as many people as possible (focusing on your target audience), a message you want to send through a corporate video must be concise yet detailed. Of course, you don’t want to bore your viewers with figures and stats, but you still must provide relevant information.

The best way to create a solid and clear message is to answer the 5 Ws. These include who, what, when, where, and why. Also, avoid wordiness and jargon, as you don’t want to confuse and turn people away with professional terms they don’t understand.

A delicate balance of audio and visuals

High-quality video results from pairing motion graphic elements with audio – a corporate video production company can help you with that. It can be a voiceover or a music theme. After all, music drives emotions, and whether we want to admit it, every action is a product of emotions, even a purchasing decision.

CTA (Call-to-Action)

You created a high-quality video that provides value. But ultimately, you want to encourage viewers to make the next move. Therefore, make room for a motivating call to action.

Instead of saying buy now, or sign up now at the end of the video, take a more subtle/partner-like approach. For instance, book a demo to see us in action may be a better option, or let’s change the world of (insert the industry) together could also be a magnificent construction.

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Different Styles For Corporate Video Production That Work in 2023

A beautiful thing about business video production is the style variety it offers. Each style serves a different purpose. Below we discuss the most used.

Training videos

Entering a new work environment, aside from being exciting, is a stressful event. Regardless of the experience an employee brings to the team, in most cases, they need to go through onboarding, usually comprising various training sessions.

Training videos significantly benefit newcomers without experience, enabling them to learn about the processes and tools used within an organization, culture and various policies.

With that in mind, more and more companies invest in corporate training video production, as it makes employee onboarding and ramp-up less frightening than a “pile” of Google Sheets.

Recruitment videos

The Covid-19 crisis took remote and hybrid work models to a new level, allowing employers to explore an international talent pool. The shift, however, increased job opportunities, and it became more and more challenging for companies to attract top talent.

Creating recruitment videos may be one solution. Such content must include your core vision and mission and showcase your company culture. Finally, distribute these videos on various channels, including social media, job-oriented platforms and your website.

Promo videos

Most promo videos are used to present a new product or service. These can also be distributed on various channels, traditional and contemporary media.

The critical element of a promo video is entertainment. Therefore, companies that want to attract customers’ attention must make their videos exciting yet informative. In addition, promo videos improve brand awareness and drive revenue.

Brand videos

Companies create brand videos to present themselves to the audience and discuss who they are, what they do and what they aim for.

You may need help from a corporate video production company for such an endeavor. Professional video creators know how to create catchy content that provides value, showing customers why they should choose you.

Testimonial videos

Businesses invest heavily in marketing, but traditional “word-of-mouth” is still a great and effective marketing tool. That’s because people like to hear what others think about a company. Therefore, create testimonial videos and share your existing customers’ experiences, proving your company is worth considering.

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4 Rules For A Successful Corporate Video Production – 2023

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in corporate video production. Every business is unique and has different aspirations. However, a couple of rules are worth following when creating corporate video content.

1. Make sure your corporate video is customer-focused

An ideal customer profile may be the first to define when creating any marketing strategy. With that in mind, you’ll know how to approach them and make a video they resonate with.

Some early-stage companies make the mistake of targeting a wider audience which often doesn’t pay off in the long run. So instead, define your target audience and aim for personalized messaging.

Remember, people don’t like to work with faceless organizations and don’t want to be treated as just another lead. They want to know you care and that you see them as human beings with specific needs.

2. Remember, even a business video must tell a story

People of all ages like stories. Marketers use storytelling to share companies’ core ideas and present the people behind them. The video takes storytelling to the next level, combining the spoken word and visual elements.

3. Avoid making your video sound/look too “salesy”

The ultimate goal for every company is to grow revenue, but there are ways to do it without aggressively selling your offer. As the business world changes, so do the customers’ preferences.

Your videos will drive better results if you present yourself as a partner, not a salesperson. So instead of selling your products and services, use a corporate video to create an alliance with potential customers, showing them how you can help them overcome their unique challenges.

4. Create video content that shows your company’s professionalism 

A corporate video reflects your brand. Therefore, the content you distribute must depict how you approach each business aspect.

From a business standpoint, you can show professionalism through introductory videos that include:

  • company culture – how you treat your employees
  • process and tools you use
  • the efficiency and professionalism of your customer support

From a corporate video production perspective, you want to show that you spent time, effort and the latest technology to make it. When customers see how you approached one video, they could assume you are the same with everything business related.

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Ensure The Success Of Corporate Video Production With The Help Of Professionals

With everything listed above, it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed and even on edge to give up. But the outcome should be the opposite. And the best thing is – you don’t have to do it yourself.

A company offering corporate video production services has processes, tools and people trained to bring every idea into reality.

Of course, you’ll be involved in every step, for instance, creating a design brief, but the expertise these professionals bring to the table will ensure the end product is what you were aiming for.