Boosting Customer Engagement with Explainer Videos

by Igor

Boosting Customer Engagement with Explainer Videos

Published on September 14, 2023

Need help with your explainer video? You’ve come to the right place!

Today’s rapidly transforming digital landscape requires the presence of strong and effective marketing tools that can capture and retain the attention of customers. Explainer videos are one of the most effective tools out there.

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Since the need is high, it’s no surprise that it becomes a challenging task for marketers and businesses in general.

Here when we talk about the animation industry in general, creativity and innovation live at the heart of it with explainer videos working as the show-stopper for a majority of the top global brands.

A proven marketing tool, these videos are short yet highly appealing & informative pieces of animation that work best when it comes to demonstrating complex products to the target audience.

In this article, let’s explore different ways through which explainer videos can effectively elevate customer engagement:

6 Ways Through Which Explainer Videos Help Boost Customer Engagement

1. Simplifying Complex Concepts

Take the example of a FinTech startup that is struggling to educate its target audience about its complex product that promises to solve its problems.

For obvious reasons, this would involve a lot of complex terminologies about how it functions, and how professionals and banks can integrate it into their systems. 

It’s here when animated explainer videos can be leveraged to break down complicated items into easy and digestible terms. 

2. Visual Appeal Creates Lasting Impressions

Since explainer videos carry numerous appealing elements in the face of icons, characters, infographics, etc., they help brands showcase their product or service’s unique features and stand out from the competitors.

These captivating visuals help leave a memorable imprint on the viewers’ minds, thus boosting chances of longer remembrance of the brand and its product.

3. Caters to Short Attention Spans

Decreasing human attention span has become a cause of worry for marketers. 

However, using animated videos can free them from their worries as these videos are highly capable of grasping the essence of a video and communicating it to the audience within 60-90 seconds. 

This quick grasp enables viewers to explore more features and use cases about the product. 

4. Enhances Website Engagement

Animated videos are highly useful when it comes to enhancing the user experience of web visitors. 

Brands can utilize the power of such videos by integrating them on their website’s homepage to provide a quick demonstration of what they are all about. 

This would help them keep the visitors engaged and encourage them to explore the website.

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5. Boosts Social Media Interaction

Social media users are always on the hunt for creative and engaging content. This makes them stay less and scroll more. 

Since these videos are highly shareable, they help brands spark discussions and drive attention from the global audience.

6. Drives CTA Responses

Having read about how explainer videos help boost engagement and brand awareness, it’s also important to know that they’re of great help while attracting potential customers at the last stage of the funnel.

Through the usage of compelling visuals and information, these videos prompt viewers to register on the brand’s platform.

Let’s now understand a few metrics that brands must keep in mind while measuring the engagement and effectiveness of their explainer videos:

Measuring Engagement and Effectiveness

Using explainer videos for customer engagement is not a shot in the dark. Since these videos are certainly made for the digital landscape, it makes it easy for brands to track metrics, analyze the audience’s response, and make data-driven decisions.

Here are the key metrics to monitor:

  • Viewing Duration: How much % of the video viewers tend to watch before dropping off?
  • Click-Through Rate: How many viewers take action after watching the video?
  • Social Shares: How many shares of the video have been made by viewers?
  • Conversion Rates: What is the % of completed/desired action on the video – This may include signing up, applying for a demo, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.

By keeping track, businesses can closely monitor these metrics and refine their explainer videos, thus ensuring they connect with the target audience effectively and increase chances of maximum engagement.

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Wrapping it up

Considering the cut-throat competition and decreasing attention span of viewers, the animation industry can leverage the power of explainer videos as a means to boost customer engagement.

These quick and captivating videos possess the ideal characteristics required by brands to woo audiences and engage them with ease.

As the animation industry continues to evolve in terms of creativity, presentation, etc., the dynamic use of these videos can benefit brands well enough.