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Elevate your marketing game with engaging and eye-catching animation solutions that promote your business efficiently. Full-service animated video production.

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We are dme.studio —
a talented group of creatives that formed a full-service animated video production.

The team is made up of illustrators, designers, animators and marketing strategists who combined forces to become a top animated video production.

Providing animations for various industries ranging in styles from business animation such as explainer videos, animated infographics, product demos and how-to’s, to somewhat less formal projects such as animated videos like motion graphics, 3D & 2D animations, whiteboard animated videos

Experienced in working with brands worldwide, our video animation company completed over 2000 projects so far. With our animation solutions, our clients are able to simplify complex concepts and present their products in a way that cannot be captured with a camera.

Brands that worked with our animation studio

client logo siemens
clients logo british american tobacco
clients logo adidas
clients logo carlsberg
clients logo UN Women
clients logo USAID
clients logo H&M
clients logo head & shoulders company
clients logo converse

Halifax Health Medical Center


Miller-Leaman Inc

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